Magma Newport Infrared Gourmet Gas Grill

The Magma Newport infrared gas grill (A10-918LS) is the same size and form factor as the popular Newport grill. The Newport gas grill has 162" of cooking area on a 9" x 18" surface. It is comparable in size and style to the best selling Stow n Go from Kuuma

.  The main difference between the Newport gas and the Newport Infrared is that the Infrared incorporates an anti flare system (reduces the flare ups) that produces a very intense heat that can be more finely controlled.  This is perfect if you are looking to also use the grill as an oven

The Newport Infrared's size combine with it's infrared power make a great combo of power and size.  With the fold away legs, the Magma Newport Infrared can but un-mounted and taken anywhere for onshore picnics.  There are a wide array of choices to mount the Newport virtually anywhere

including the rail mount option which is generally the most popular.

The Newport infrared grill uses the standard propane canisters, so it's easy, reliable, safe and inexpensive to operate.  Finally, it's made from high quality stainless steel (18-9) which results in a great looking grill and one that is easily cleaned and will last you for years if properly maintained.

Magma Newport Infrared Grill


Magma Newport Infrared Grill Specs